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How Can We Become Swingers?

It's Easy, just join the site, start browsing the profiles and write to the ones that you are attracted to.

OK, so how do I start?

Determine what you (if single) or you and your partner want to do, Be prepared to discuss your needs, and your partners, be prepared for some surprises, as you may well find that the things you have talked about as pillow talk are just the start of some very exciting fantasies. Remember that you both need to feel comfortable with what you are going to do, so define behaviour boundaries for each meeting or club visit.

Go to an agreed meeting (club, couple etc.), and stay within the agreed boundaries. There have been many incidents where one partner has abandoned the agreement mid way through the evening, which is going to cause the evening to end in arguments.

Remember that at anytime, you or the other people or person can say NO. At this point activity stops. Never ignore a person who asks you to stop playing, physical contact after this point is rape.

After the event, go home and play, talk about the evening, what you liked and disliked, how it could be more fun, and what you should avoid on future meetings.

So how do I/we find someone to "Play" with?

The Internet

Contact Magazines

Swingers Clubs and Parties

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